Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kicks class is in session.

A lot of people call themselves sneaker heads, but do they really know what's up. We figured we would let you know a little bit about Nike today. Nike has 11 different accounts and we have listed them for you here. Just a little knowledge for all of you that want to learn.

1. SB (Skateboarding) – a store must sale actual skate equipment to be considered for a SB acct, there are different Acct levels within Nike SB product
2. Urban Energy – mainly Air Forces, Dunks, Trainers, and some Retros.
3. Indie Energy – mainly Air Maxes, Dunks, and Hybrids
4. Lifestyle – there are also some Accts that are titled Metro, Metro Elite, and Metro Energy. These accts receive Euro Styled product which means more fashion than athletic product.
5. Jordan Brand (JB) – No such thing as Urban Jordan Brand Accts, the Jordan releases mainly depends on the stores relationship with the Jordan rep.
6. InLine – these Accts are mainly the general mall releases also known as Tier 1
7. Specialty Running
8. Nike 6.0 – a mash up of Surf, Snow, Wake, Skate, BMX, and Moto products
9. Quickstrike
10. Tier 45 – these Accts get most of the product that is allocated to Tier Zero Accts except that get the product around 45 days later (give or take)
11. Tier Zero – the best most high Nike Acct that a store can have

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