Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going going... Back back to... Colorado?

I recently got the urge to go back home for some big powder, home cooking and to see family. So I jumped on a plane to Colorado. First stop, Wolf Creek. When I landed in Denver it was already 11 pm and I still had to drive five hours to my destination. Picked up some red bulls, fitted the gee whip with the appropriate swed sticker and I was on my way. Finally arrived to my cabin at 6:15 am slept a couple hours and then hit the mountain. Wolf Creek is always one of my favorite spots to ride and always has a ridiculous amount of snow. Three days straight of riding and then it was back to Denver to get some good old home cooking and quality time with the family. On the way back we hit up my favorite hot dog spot Coney Island for some real artery clogging food. I always love coming back home to get fed my favorite Thai food from my mom. Boiled rat is always a taste you don't ever forget. Unfortunately my brother didn't want to sacrifice his pet rat, Jenna for our feast lol. Four days later and a sore body... Its back to reality ;-/ -Swedriguez

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