Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rubber Souls:The Dissertation

Have you ever wondered what a music artist would sound like if they grew up in the same house as Dj Quick, Nas, and Miles Davis? I think I found him. Hugh Augustine the MC... Just copped his new Album Rubber Souls and hit play. Before I knew it... I was lost in the music. Hugh The MC is the truth. Always glad to see fam put out great music. Hugh the MC just dropped this iLL album that is a MUST get! Read below to hear Hugh explain it himself.

The time has come. We made it. 3/23/2010. Every artist dreams of the day that they create something that is timeless. They dream that their work will be well recieved and appreciated. I am an artist before anything else. I would like to thank every person who I have ever met. I never forget a face. Every 2 minute conversation is important to me. To my brothers who always believe in my dreams I thank and love all 3 of you equally. To all my friends who have been reppin my music since the beginning I thank and love yall. In this early hour of the day (1.:30) it is difficult to express my emotions in words. Instead I present to you Rubber Souls: The Dissertation by myself, Hugh Augustine The MC. This one is for you LA, CA, USA, WHOLE WORLD. - Hugh Augustine the MC


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