Monday, July 12, 2010

Fam X Biz - Hard Work & Hennessy

Track List:
1. Lisa's Poured Words
2. Hardwork&Hennessy
3. No Chase feat. LaVi$h
4. Sweet Jones
5. Across The Room feat. Lamar Jay
6. Champagne Room feat Lamar Jay
7. Lay Up
8. No Conscious feat Stevie Crooks
9. Rich Nigga Shit
12. Touch The Sun feat Dez
13. Rosey
14. Letting You Go feat. Lamar Jay
15. Limo Glass

Check out the latest project from the FamXBiz team... Hard Work & Hennessy. I have to say that this album is very impressive. They have taken new age beats and mixed that with sharp lyrics to create this new great sound. This album has been on my daily rotation since it came out. FamXBiz is taking hip hop to that next level for sure. Download them here for free.

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