Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Michael Jordan Shatters the Backboard – Italy 1986

Michael Jordan is, of course, remembered for his six Championship Titles and the countless game winners, but somewhere far down that list of “Stuff MJ Did” is the time he swooped into the paint and dunked mercilessly against a professional Italian basketball team during an exhibition game in Italy. He ended up showering the very men he just posterized in a downpour of glass, the backboard now an open window after it was picked clean by the resonating thud of Jordan’s slam dunk. The cherry on top was the Michael did this wearing a pair of the Air Jordan 1s – which surely had Nike salivating at the mouth. The game was played on August 25th, 1986, and was never televised but later surfaced during a sports highlight show on a Spanish television station, an odd coincidence which only adds to the mystique, so continue reading for the rare footage of Jordan shattering the backboard and let us know if you’ve seen any better from Shaq, Darryl Dawkins, Darvin Ham, or anyone else who has victimized the rim.

Via UGsoles

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