Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Journey up Halsted... An Interview with Mikkey Halsted

Walk with me up Halsted Blvd. We’ll start this journey in the wild 100s on Chicago’s notorious South side. Stay close, straighten your ball cap and don’t be a dummy, let’s go. Take a look in any direction and poverty is prevalent. The pot hole strewn streets and filthy sidewalks are evidence that the streets and sanitation dept. don’t make too many stops on this side of the city. Look up and you’ll find abandoned buildings, empty lots and torn down rusted vehicles decorating unkempt lawns. Drug dealer’s, drug addicts and liquor stores are on almost every corner. Look a little closer you might see the Gangster Disciple six point star sprawled across the dilapidated brick walls. Keep your head up and eyes open its hard to see your fellow man in this condition but remember it’s all for a reason, Hip Hop lives and breaths here. Let’s keep heading north.

For the entire story click HERE.

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